What is being done around learning at USAID?

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What is being done around learning at USAID?

Many people equate learning with training or KM with IT, but true learning is so much more than that. What is being done around learning at USAID?


Thom Sinclair | CGAP/World Bank
Jun 14, 2013
  • The Bureau for Policy, Planning & Learning (PPL) at USAID is working hard to transform the Agency into an effective learning organization. Part of this agenda includes capturing and disseminating knowledge from USAID staff and implementing partners, generating evidence through research and evaluation, and using evidence to inform decisions.
  • The USAID Learning Lab website is one example of how learning is gathered and disseminated.
  • Another example is the CLA approach which is being implemented in several USAID Missions. Click here to see the library resources tagged with "CLA".
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Okey Nwoke | IRG/Engility
Jul 17, 2013

One thing is true, USAID is definitely making progress in innovation, science and technology.  It's important to remember that technology is simply a driver in helping the agency become a better learning organization and not the end-all solution.  CIO is currently advocating the use of SharePoint workspaces, blogs, wikis, GIS mapping platforms to encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration.     

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Zan Larsen | USAID
Aug 30, 2013

Learning has always been a part of USAID’s work; it is clearly not new. USAID staff and implementing partners (IPs) have always sought ways to better understand the development process and USAID’s contribution to it, to share the successes and lessons of USAID’s initiatives, and to institute improvements to our operating modes and mindsets. Learning is always taking place – but it is not generally systematically planned or adequately resourced, nor is it always facilitated or acted on in ways that are strategic and can maximize results.

USAID's Bureau of Policy, Planning and Learning released a draft Learning Guide in July 2012 and is gearing up to release the updated version in October 2013. The updated version will be in the form of an online, interactive guide located here on the Learning Lab, so stay tuned!

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