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General | by Melissa Bevins
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Hello and welcome to the group. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the rest of the group and give us some background on your work as a Southern Provider of development assistance or with Southern Providers.

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Welcome all! Melanie Gilbert here, from USAID's Policy, Planning, and Learning Bureau. I am looking forward to hearing about everybody's experiences and how we can all work together toward our goals.

posted 3 years ago

Hello, this is Samuel Chincaro, Development Assistance Specialist at USAID/Peru’s Program Office.   I’ve registered for the Emerging Partnerships Forum to learn about experiences and mechanisms USAID might use to support Peru in reinforcing South-South/trilateral cooperation (both as recipient and provider) and public-private partnerships.  Our counterpart in the Government of Peru, the Peruvian Agency for International Development (APCI) is also registered for the event.

posted 3 years ago