A “USAID Official” v. “USAID Contribution” v. ”Community Contribution” document or event?

A “USAID Official” v. “USAID Contribution” v. ”Community Contribution” document or event?

The USAID Learning Lab website is a knowledge-sharing collaborative space where USAID staff and partners jointly create, share, refine and apply practical approaches in order to ground our programs in evidence and adapt quickly to new learning and changing contexts, maximizing development outcomes. In order to create a robust repository of information, Learning Lab accepts relevant resource contributions from many different sources. Learning Lab uses the following tags to help categorize documents and/or blog articles according to the author or funding organization:

  • USAID Official: Approved USAID strategies, policies, and related guidance documents. 
  • USAID Contribution: Content submitted by USAID staff members or affiliates that is not official Agency-wide guidance. This includes event resources, technical papers, and resources created by other organizations.
  • Community Contribution: Content submitted by community members or any resources that do not fit into the two categories mentioned above.

Read the "How do I Contribute to the Site?" FAQs for more information on how to submit content. Inclusion on the site does not imply USAID approval or sponsorship of this content.


Learning Lab is managed by USAID’s Bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning through the USAID LEARN contract implemented by Dexis Consulting Group. All content not generated in whole or in part from this funding mechanism is labeled a Community Contribution unless otherwise directed by USAID or the USAID LEARN contract. All content, with or without the Community Contribution label, does not represent the views or positions of the U.S. Agency for International Development or the U.S. Government. For full policies on content submission, please see the Terms of Use.

The USAID LEARN contract does not claim ownership of content you submit. By submitting content for inclusion on USAID Learning Lab, you grant the USAID LEARN contract (the site's administrator) permission to publish your content online and to be accessible to a public audience.

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