Ask & Answer?

Ask & Answer?

A moderated forum...

for the community to exchange knowledge about implementing collaborating, learning, and adapting approaches in international development. This space is designed for user-driven content and discussion among Learning Lab members, USAID staff, and other international development professionals. Here, you can share knowledge and experiences, post questions related to the USAID Program Cycle, and engage with USAID staff and implementing partners.

There is no one right answer...

because USAID believes that many questions about learning don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. They are questions that may never have a perfect or easy fix. Often there is no set policy or official guidance, yet we know someone in our learning community has insight into at least part of an answer. In this way, Ask & Answer provides a forum to crowd source solutions to shared challenges and to create connections. Both questions and answers may come from USAID staff, implementing partners, or other Learning Lab members.

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