Complete my profile?

Complete my profile?

Once you are logged in, you’ll find the account menu accessible by clicking on your username. Here you’ll be able to view and update your profile, change your account settings and see a list of the groups you’ve joined.

Click on the “Profile” option from the “My Account” menu to view your profile. To make edits, click on the “Edit” tab in the top left corner of the page or the grey “Edit my profile” under your picture.

  • On the Account screen, you can update your email address and password.
  • On the LinkedIn screen, you can enable easy log-in through LinkedIn by connecting your accounts. Click “Save changes” to authorize the link and then follow the instructions on the LinkedIn pop-up window.
  • On the Main profile screen, you can upload a photo, enter basic information about yourself and your work, fill in the About Me text box (we recommend a 100-word maximum), and manage your privacy settings.

Don’t forget to save any changes you make to your account or profile!

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