How can I upload resources to the group space?

How can I upload resources to the group space?

Group members also have the ability to share resources with one another. These documents and tools will not be included in the Learning Lab library, but in the case of an open group, non-group members will still be able to view them and they will appear in site-wide search results. As you would expect, moderated group resources are only visible to group members.

Click on the Resources tab to see your group’s current resource library and to share your own documents, tools, and external links.

If you have content that you want to share with the group, click “Add Resource.” A new form will open with three separate tabs along the top: Resource Description, Author/Publication Info, and Resources.

Resource Description

On the Resource Description tab, which opens first, add the title of the resource and a short description in the box marked “Body”.

Under the Body, you’ll see several drop-down menus that allow you to tag your resource, making them easier for people to find based on their interests. Using these drop-downs, you can indicate the type of resource you’re uploading, if it focuses on any specific region or countries, which component of the USAID Program Cycle it relates to, if it reflects a specific learning approach, and what general sectors it covers. These are all optional fields, but members can use them to filter group resources.

Author/Publication Info

In the second tab, enter the author and publication information. In each field, a name that has previously been entered may appear as you type. If the name hasn’t been entered in the site before, it will be added to the database. You can add multiple authors if you separate their names with a comma.


In the third tab, attach your resource. This page has multiple options. First, choose the correct Resource Format from the drop-down menu. The two available format options will be PDF and External Links.

To upload a PDF, skip the screencast field and go to the File Upload section. Find the “Add a new file” box and click “Choose File” to select your file. Once you’ve selected it, click on the upload button and enter a short title for the PDF. If you need to convert your file into a PDF, please read the help text provided in the “File Upload” box.

For links to websites and online documents outside of Learning Lab, please proceed to the External Link section and add a short title and the web address in the fields provided.

Feel free to skip the audio, video, related content, and location fields.

Finally, click "Save" to submit the resource.

Note: For additional tips on uploading resources to your group, please check out the Groups orientation video in the Working Group Resource Center.

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