Join a working group or community of practice?

Join a working group or community of practice?

Learning Lab contains both open and closed groups. In an open group, anyone with an account can join the discussion. Closed groups, marked as “moderated,” exist for internal groups and communities of practice that wish to engage with each other virtually in a private setting. These closed groups require you to send a request to join. You can find the list of groups on the Groups landing page here.

The first step to joining a group is to create an account (see this FAQ for more information) and/or log in.

The next step is to select a group and click the “Request Membership” button on the group’s landing page. A page will appear asking you to confirm your request. In the text box, please enter your name, organization, and position or job title before clicking the “Join” button.

  • You will receive an email letting you know that your membership is pending.
  • Please note that membership approval is not an automated process, so a response from the group administrator may not be immediate. Requests are usually reviewed within 1 to 2 business days.
  • If your request has been approved, you will receive an email titled “Your membership request was approved.” If you don’t see this email within 2 business days, please check your spam folder before contacting us. Follow the link in the email to go to the group home page.
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Join a working group or community of practice?


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