Post a news story, announcement, or blog entry?

Post a news story, announcement, or blog entry?

Members of the Learning Lab community are encouraged to share their latest news in our Blog section. The Blog section is where the Learning Lab community can make note of new and interesting things you are discovering at the intersection of learning and development. They are perfect for timely news, announcements, updates, and commentary on research, events, and issues related to learning approaches and tools.

Once you’re logged in, click on the “Add an Article” button on the Blog landing page to share your news with the Learning Lab community. Then follow these easy steps:

  1. Add a title for your post.
  2. Select “Lab Note” as the Content Type from the drop-down menu.
  3. Add any regions or countries that are related to your post. Don’t forget to click the “Add” button after each of your selections.
  4. Indicate which of the components of USAID’s Program Cycle relate to your story.
  5. Add your story into the “Body” field. If you are cutting and pasting your text from somewhere else, please paste it into the box by using the “Paste from Word” function to remove any unnecessary code. This is the little clipboard icon on the right side of the formatting menu.

You also have the option to add images to your post. If you’d like to include a thumbnail image that will appear on the Blog landing page next to your post, upload the image (110x110 pixels) to the “Teaser image field” and add a description. To include an image in the actual post, upload it in the field under the body text box and then follow the help text instruction on inserting it into the body.

Click "Save" once you are done. Your post will enter the moderation queue and be submitted for review by a site administrator. We make every effort to publish relevant stories within 2-3 business days.

Don’t forget that this online community is designed to generate collective learning for the ultimate goal of increasing the relevance and sustainability of development programs. Therefore, Blog article contributions are open to everyone—USAID staff, implementing partners, other donors, and all stakeholders interested in transforming development through learning, collaboration, and adaptation. We also encourage cross-posting relevant news and blogs from other sites—if you see something interesting, let the learning community here know about it! Have a thought on something another member has posted? Share your comments to encourage a robust discussion.

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