Submit a publication or resource to the Library?

Submit a publication or resource to the Library?

 The steps below will help walk you through the process of submitting a library resource. For more detailed instructions, you can also download the Library User Guide. Don't forget to only click "Save" once you've filled out all of the resource information.


Step 1: Log in to Learning Lab or click here to create an account if you are not yet a member.

Step 2: After you've logged in, click here for the submission form.

Note: You can also find the submission form by clicking on the Library menu tab and clicking the "Add Resource" button on the top of the page.

Step 3: Complete the form.

Don't be daunted by the form. Please fill in the following recommended fields in all three tabs with information about the resource. There are additional optional fields that you may choose to fill in as well.

Resource Description Tab

        • Title (~75 characters): The Teaser Title can be the same.
        • Description: Full description displayed on the resource page. The first bit of this description also appears on the Library landing page as a "teaser." Hover for Tip.
        • Learning approaches: Select the appropriate tag and then click “Add.”
        • Optional tags: Library Series, Resource type, Region, Program Cycle Component: These tags are used to automatically generate lists and feeds throughout the site as well as filter site and library searches.

Author/Publication Info Tab

        • Authoring information: You have the option to enter a person's name, an organizational author and/or an institutional sponsor (e.g., United States Agency for International Development if USAID is the funder).
        • Published date.

Resources Tab

        • Resource Format:External Link and PDF are the only available options. To upload other options, please contact us.
        • File upload: Click "Browse" and select the PDF file, then click "Upload." Enter a short title in the Description box that appears; this description will be used as the link text. See this FAQ for more information on converting to PDF.
        • External links: If your resource is already posted to an external site, you can link directly to it by including the page title and the URL. Include a short title and the complete website address to the resource. Hover for Tip.
        • Related Resources: Choose related resources already posted to Learning Lab from this drop-down menu. Items chosen will appear at the bottom of the resource page in a "Related" box.

Step 4: Click "Save" to submit your resource. Please note that once you click save, you cannot go back to edit the submission form, so make sure to fill out all of the fields and upload your resource or add the link before saving.

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