Group Request

Thank you for your interest in developing a collaborative space on USAID's Learning Lab.

Please answer the following questions about your intended space. Once your responses are reviewed, you will be contacted via email to let you know whether your request has been approved, denied, or if further information is needed.

Learning Lab online spaces are intended to be member-driven and sustainable. If, based on your application, you are still developing the necessary tools and resources for your group, you will be contacted to explain the remaining considerations and logistical requirements that need to be in place prior to creating your group’s space. 

Once the request is approved, the collaborative space will be created and the designated group facilitator will be granted administrative rights for tasks including uploading content and managing membership requests. To expedite this process, we request that group facilitators create an account and build a thorough profile on Learning Lab before requesting a collaborative space. To create an account and build your profile, please follow the steps outlined in the FAQ section from the Learning Lab Help Center and/or refer to the brief orientation video on the home page of Learning Lab for further information.

Learning Lab aims to support the success of collaborative spaces. Thank you again and please let us know how we can continue to improve your Learning Lab experience!

Best regards,

The USAID Learning Lab Team