Announcing the CLA Toolkit!

Announcing the CLA Toolkit!

Jun 7, 2017 by Ian Lathrop Comments (0)

USAID Learning Lab is pleased to announce the all-new CLA Toolkit! In it, you’ll find resources you can use to plan and implement key USAID Program Cycle activities related to collaborating, learning and adapting (CLA).

What's in it?

The toolkit contains a growing set of curated tools, examples and other resources. You’ll find templates for CLA Plans, learning agendas, and performance management plans (PMP); guidance on mid-course CDCS stocktaking, communities of practice, and collaboration mapping; and much more! The content, which is searchable by the USAID Program Cycle and CLA Framework, is still being developed and the toolkit will be updated regularly. 

Do you have a tool or resource that you use to implement CLA? Share it with us!

Why now?

USAID has shown a growing commitment to integrating CLA into its development work. For example, the ADS 201 Program Cycle Guidance was revised in September 2016 to make more CLA approaches mandatory for USAID missions. As interest in CLA has grown among USAID staff and implementing partners, USAID's Bureau Policy, Planning and Learning (PPL) developed this toolkit to be an evolving repository of information tools and resources. The CLA Toolkit, together with the Monitoring Toolkit and the Evaluation Toolkit offer a suite of resources to help you implement your programs through the USAID Program Cycle. 

The CLA Toolkit resources are also available on ProgramNet for USAID staff.