Pilot Projects

In 2013, USAID/PPL's Office of Learning, Evaluation, and Research, supported by the Knowledge-Driven Microenterprise Development (KDMD) project, funded "Learning Improvement Projects." These internal USAID pilot projects aimed to catalyze Agency learning by sharing their lessons with the hope that promising approaches can be replicated and scaled up by others for greater impact. The following Learning Improvement Projects have been completed:
  • Advocacy Resource Center (USAID/OTI/Lebanon)
  • Digital Data Feasibility Study (USAID/E3/DCA)
  • Caribbean Partners for Educational Progress CoP (USAID/Jamaica)
  • OpenStreetMap and Field Papers Upgrade (USAID/OTI)
  • Economic Analysis Data Dashboard Feasibility Study (USAID/E3/EP)
USAID Learning Event
Catalyzing youth activism in marginalized areas and enhancing civil society organizations' (CSO) capacity to advocate for local and national issues were major focus areas of USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) in Lebanon over the past 3 years. From that experience, the Lebanon Advocacy... read more
August 27, 2013
In May 2013, USAID officially introduced their Learning Improvement Projects to the Learning Lab community. These projects, funded by USAID’s Office of Learning, Evaluation, and Research, aim to catalyze Agency learning by sharing lessons learned from innovative pilot projects with the hope that... read more
July 16, 2013
Have you ever had a great idea that never quite made it off the ground due to limited time, resources, and budget? Have you ever identified a potentially valuable learning opportunity in your projects that was never fully realized? During an intensive discovery interview process from May to... read more
May 8, 2013