Jamaica Partners for Educational Progress Community of Practice: A Success Story

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Date Published:
October 3, 2013
USAID Contribution

From 2009-2013, USAID/Jamaica established a Community of Practice (CoP), implemented by The QED Group's USAID KDMD Project, for education stakeholders in Jamaica to share knowledge and experiences, to get or offer help, to discuss timely and critical issues, to contribute to policy development, and to collectively help advance the field of basic education. The CoP, entitled the Jamaica Partners for Educational Progress, provided an opportunity for individuals to learn from and grow professionally with one other, to increase the effectiveness of their individual efforts, and to contribute to the strengthening of education systems in the Caribbean.

Due to its success, the CoP was tranistioned to the School of Education at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus in June 2013 and renamed the Caribbean Partners for Educational Progress. To capture this success, the KDMD Project created a digital story, a "how-to" video, and an infographic that can be used to illustrate their approach in the hopes that it will be used to inform future USAID project design and implementation.