What is the relationship between M&E and CLA?

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What is the relationship between M&E and CLA?

This question came from Moving the Needle, a CLA conference organized by the USAID LEARN team in November 2015. Participants had the opportunity to provide written reflections and questions throughout the day. LEARN and USAID's Bureau of Policy, Planning and Learning Office of Learning, Evaluation and Research CLA team organized and clustered the questions, then developed responses to them. Look for more questions from the series to come.


Monalisa Salib | Dexis Consulting Group
Feb 2, 2016

Monitoring and evaluation make significant contributions to a Mission’s efforts to continually assess and address knowledge gaps. Maximizing the effectiveness of these efforts, however, requires reinforcing them with a deliberate learning approach. Integrating monitoring into continuous learning and adaptive management practices enables mission staff to revisit activities throughout implementation and make appropriate course-corrections, as needed, in response to new challenges or changes in the development context. In other words, monitoring is not simply about hitting targets for reporting and accountability, but rather provides evidence that allows us to answer the questions: “Is there a need for course correction?” and “Do we need an evaluation to understand how to improve progress?” Addressing these questions should be done early and often to create tight feedback loops, more transparency, better understanding of the project, and the capability to adapt it to best achieve the desired outcome.

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